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It's Time!!

Hello everyone!! After being out of the hobby for twenty years I decided to pull all of my collected equipment out of their boxes Joined the local Freemo N club and found out in a hurry all the advancements in N scale today. Talk about being blown away.. I thought pulling out my "big boy" Dcc system was sate of the art.. laugh again.. As I try to get up to speed with everything I would like to add lighting to my Kato 2nd generation GP38-2's (ditch lights and relocate head lights to the nose) however doing "brain surgery" with micro bulbs was tedious.. LEDS seem the way to go now.. can anyone tell me what type led and what resistor to use when lighting your locomotives?? Thank you in advance. Alex

  1. Now What?

    Hello all,
    Now that AZTEC Manufacturing has closed John was able to mill some first generation Kato and Atlas frames at a reasonable price. Having a few F7A's and B's too mill are there any alternatives?