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  1. Concept vs the physical output

    An update here offered, and other thoughts on the layout and a perceived vision of what lays ahead. There is (as always) much to do, and lately, keeping a focus on the follow through has been a weakness, merely starting a sub-project but never seeming to carry on to a completed cycle. Examples would be my one linear foot of ballasted track with 499 to go, one strip of trees, one quarter square foot of turf; you can see where this is going.

    My latest pet projects are switch machine ...
  2. City of - Trains

    I'm knee deep into getting these 3D printed bodies painted and lettered. Missed the true mask point across the air intakes on purpose to get a good seal, and also to align the bottom lines up...the printed E2's are just a bit short and tall.
    The new decals for red stripes didn't hold together, almost as if there were no top coat to seal the ink to the backing slip. So I'll be working on that. These bodies were made for Kato chassis's, but required quite some touch-up to actually fit the mechanism. ...
  3. Visiting the Zephyr project

    I had a small flurry of work I did to the Fine-N-Scale 9900 Zephyr back in November. This kit has been laying around for 19 years now, and for some reason today, I grabbed it again from the shelf and got a bit more work done.
    The trucks were spread to accept the axles and then reshaped to try to retrue the squareness in the 3 planes, as well as space the wheels on the axles properly. Once that was good, I stuck it on the tracks (not easy since it is an articulated train) and applied forward ...
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  4. Small addition to wheel data, and a Wheels of Time observation

    The new info is on what I term WoT type 1 4 wheel trucks (with a tapered coupler pocket)

    axle l = .546
    axle d = .054 to .069 tapered
    wheel d = .225
    flange d = .264

    I can't swear that the WoT 4 wheel truck type 2 has the same wheelsets. I changed out the axles with InterMountain's on the lone car I had with that truck type without thinking to measure ...
  5. Correcting for a lost file

    It came to my attention that my passenger wheel/axle data left its assigned seat and became literal vaporware. It wasn't much, but it was a start. So, I reconstructed the info and am posting it here.
    The link in the January blog entry is bust. This is the recent doc dropped onto the cloud

    Immediately below was data found online at some point, and I am passing it on from a grateful
    modeler. The other data below that was somehow "lost" from my account of cloud (i.e. ...

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