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  1. Shed Ribs

    I've heat set a total of 16 shed framing ribs, which was the sum total of the #283-4-5 Evergreen H Columns I could lay my hands on locally. I set up two pieces of balsa from another project along the sides of Grand Central and drilled them to match the length of glass panels left over from a Faller train shed kit (see La Salle station build).[IMG][/IMG]
    I have enough for the minimum distance I wanted ...
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  2. A contribution for Earth Day

    Planted my first tree on the layout

    The Grand Central Station has been under construction, painted, and is waiting on the decision if I'm up to fabbing over 120 custom windows (and 4 doors). I leaning toward just printing the frames on acetate since they are dark frames on a dark brown building. This will expedite the further completion, as opposed to me getting disappointed ...
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