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  1. Getting the PM's onto the track

    Made it into a New Year (as did all of you folk)! To sustain that burst of enthusiasm and push forward all those items I wish to carry out this 2024, I'll catch up with the car side builds. In a word, I'm disappointed with my own efforts to produce 'flawless' cars. Okay, we all want nice, positive results, but as a 'learn as I go' project, the lower expectations I'd set for myself weren't even reached. But there have been results.
  2. Weekend Update (27th Oct 2023)

    Quote Originally Posted by Woody709acy View Post
    This will be a multiple week progress update, catching hobbytime as foster parenting a couple of young ones allows.
    I've had a few AM Ltd and South Park brass sides/core kits for passenger cars, C&O mostly for forever it seems, and felt the need to get them started before there wasn't any more time.

    Now while not true to prototype, but close, I've applied that broad scope modelers'
  3. Video of a milestone for me- 8 trains running (with one out of view)

    Running on DC, I managed to get things running on all available routes. In order, they are-
    Santa Fe El Capitan
    B&O Capital Ltd
    UP City of San Francisco
    PRR freight transfer to B&O yard
    Santa Fe Grand Canyon
    Great Northern Empire Builder
    Santa Fe El Capitan (2nd section, sort of)
    CB&Q Twin Zephyr

    Out of view is a CNW bi-level commuter out of La Salle Station (I haven't the room to stick Northwestern Station on the layout, so ...
  4. A Badly Needed (Missing) Index for the P-S Library, vol. 14

    Dumb little things that annoys one when trying to backtrack through volumes of references for that single tidbit, I present...

    Pullman-Standard Library #14, Union Pacific 1937-1958
    by W. David Randall & William G. Anderson
    pg1 Introduction
    2-7 Plan 7385, Lot 6510 48 seat coach 7/37-9/37 28 blt, 5300 series
    8-11 Plan 7386, Lot 6510 56 seat coach 7/37-9/37 16 blt, 5200 series Nurse Rm
    12-20 Plan 7387, Lot 6510 Kitchen ...
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  5. Concept vs the physical output

    An update here offered, and other thoughts on the layout and a perceived vision of what lays ahead. There is (as always) much to do, and lately, keeping a focus on the follow through has been a weakness, merely starting a sub-project but never seeming to carry on to a completed cycle. Examples would be my one linear foot of ballasted track with 499 to go, one strip of trees, one quarter square foot of turf; you can see where this is going.

    My latest pet projects are switch machine ...
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