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  1. Trains every 15 minutes by my Orr MN Airbnb room.

    Last September (2021) I went to Orr, MN for my Sister's funeral which consisted of tossing her ashes on the old homestead she grew up on. The homestead contained the house, sauna, garage, well & a Model A. All were on their last leg ready to fall over or rust away. I spent several nights in Orr at an Airbnb listening to the trains going by. The single track was between my street and U.S. Hwy 53. One train during the day had 140+ cars and 3 CN diesels. The cars were mainly hopper cars carrying ...
  2. Recent Orr MN trip

    Went on a trip to Orr, MN last Thurs to visit my Sis birth place and home. Sis died last Jan so a # of relatives, mine and her husband's, went to stay in various AIRBNB's. My place was a spooky haunted house in downtown across the street from RR tracks. The Canadian National trains went back & forth between Int'l Falls and Duluth several times every day & night. One train had 3 locos & 133 cars. Had an engine with me to show others. The end of a short blog.
  3. Miscellaneous

    Watched "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" TV comedy show on the TBD network. Show features a 20-something discussing things & having friends/relatives in front of a web camera for others out there to see. In this episode, father had bought a real train whistle for Xmas and was blowing it several times throughout the show.

    Have a Lenovo pc with XP. A while back installed Xubuntu but the WIFI did not function. The other night hooked the pc through the Ethernet port which did function. ...
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  4. Board game: Ticket to Ride

    Will Wheaton & several others play this game on the TBD network as part of the TableTop series. Visit Amazon @ above link.

    Will Wheaton plays Wesley Crusher on Star Trek. TableTop is a program featuring Will and several others playing various board games. This reminds me of a weekly TV series a long time ago of people playing ...
  5. Futuristic Amtrak on commercial this morning TV

    An animated passenger train featured on a commercial about some prescription drug either during the View or some other program.

    Saw the Rocky Mountaineer train on PBS last night. Passenger train runs north from Vancouver, Canada for several hours on a scenic trip. New cars & engine. Wish Amtrak would be updated.
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