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  1. 2Atlas 2 Truck Shay Dcc'ed

    This is a video of my Atlas 2 Truck Shay Dcc'ed with a Digitrax DZ123 and hauling log cars and a bobber caboose, on my oval test track


  2. Self Propelled Rotary Snow-Plow DCC’ed

    So I was asked to post some pics - this is one of my favorite
    conversions - a Con-Cor/More (Japan) JNR Rotary Snow Plow
    More info can be found on

    Here are a few pics - video was too large to upload

    I changed the tender to a vanderbuilt easier to add couplers &
    to insert DZ123 Digitrax decoder

    the photos are in my album (public). I do not have a URL to upload them in this message and did not find ...

    Updated 20th Nov 2021 at 12:30 AM by Sparker251 (video too large for upload)

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