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BryanC (RIP)

  1. Installing Windows 8.1 Preview - 1: Setting Things Up

    Introductory Note: For those wondering why I would bother creating detailed instructions for the installation of Windows 8.1 Preview, especially in a blog on a model railroading site, let me say this.

    First, the blogs are specifically meant for non-model railroading topics thereby providing an outlet for members who wish to share other information or discuss other topics.

    Second, I have made a number of posts in the past about PCs and/or Windows. These have received enough
  2. Installing Windows 8.1 Preview - 2: Downloading and Doing the Install

    Assuming you have backed up your data appropriately and set up a new disk partition (unless you plan on using the Windows Store version) you are now ready to download and install the 8.1 Preview!

    Again, these comments assume you have previously installed and are running Windows 8. If you are running Windows 7 or an earlier version, you must use a separate partition and the OSI version of the install.

    Using the Windows Store Version

    If you are going to use ...
  3. Installing Windows 8.1 Preview - 3: Setting Up 8.1 the Way You Want it!

    If you have been following along you have either installed Windows 8.1 Preview from the Windows Store or you have set up a new partition and, using the OSI version, you have installed the 8.1 Preview there. In either case you have made it through the installation and are looking at the Windows 8.1 Preview Lock Screen.

    It looks somewhat different from the Windows 8 version but it functions the same way. Just click anywhere or press the Enter key and you will move on to the 8.1 Start ...

    Updated 20th Jul 2013 at 10:09 AM by BryanC (RIP) (Correct some typos)

    General (as off-topic as you want)
  4. Installing Windows 8.1 Preview - 4: Summary

    If you have followed along through the first three parts regarding the installation of Windows 8.1 Preview and worked through all the steps I have outlined, you now have a working copy of Windows 8.1 installed and set up for working in a desktop environment.
    The steps I have documented are exactly the same steps I followed when doing my install.

    In this entry I will discuss Windows 8.1 as I see it. There will be no attempt to cover every aspect of the new OS; in fact, the new ...
  5. Windows 8.1 Preview Installed and Running!

    After writing about my experiences with Windows 8 ( and providing some information about the upcoming Windows 8.1 (released June 26, 2013), I felt almost obligated to install 8.1 and give it a spin!

    My original intent had been to install 8.1 over my current Win 8 using the Windows Store version (after creating a repair/restore disk). However, during my research about installing 8.1 I read so many times words to the ...
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