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BryanC (RIP)

  1. Your Help, Suggestions and Comments and are Requested!

    Hi everyone, I’d really appreciate your thoughts regarding a new approach I have taken to handling image displays in my web site.

    A little history. For much of the first few updates a number of images were taken of the subject at hand. A few got included with the write-up but all were included in an Images page. Clicking on an image caused that image to be displayed in a new page at full size.

    A slide-show feature was also included for awhile but it was a lot of work ...
  2. Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I would just like to wish all our members and readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Regardless of your personal beliefs there is a lot to be said for this time of year!

    An oldie, but a goodie...

    "White Christmas" by the Drifters (Clyde McPhatter is singing tenor).

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  3. "Help Me Make It To My Flight"

    This video will be of most interest to our U.S. readers!


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  4. Our Military!

    I realize it was Veterans/Remembrance day a little over a week ago now but I know we don’t just think of our military on one day a year, do we? We think of them 365 days a year, at least I do.

    A friend sent this link to me a few days ago. Enjoy!

    Oh, if the video doesn’t start automatically (which it should) just click on the Watch again link!

    Be sure to keep an eye out around the 2 min 30 sec mark for the Marine in Dress Blues as he stoops down and extends ...
  5. Some non-MRRing Pictures!

    I have created a modest collection of non-MRRing pictures which are presently stored as five “sets” on flickr. I thought you may be interested in seeing these pictures which were all taken in (or from) our backyard here in South Florida!

    The five sets are: Flowers, Orchids, Mangoes, Back Yard and some Cloud Formations.

    You may find them here:

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