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BryanC (RIP)

  1. Twas the Night before Christmas...

    One of the organizations I support (on and off) during year is DAV or Disabled American Veterans ( ). In return I receive a number of mailings throughout the year. Most are just return address stickers with the occasional note pad and, of course, a calendar! This year, for Christmas, they sent me five Christmas cards. In side there was a version of “Twas the night before Christmas…”. I thought I’d like to share it with you all!

    From the pen of Lance Corporal James ...
  2. "The Dangers of Downloading Free Software"

    "The Dangers of Downloading Free Software".

    I thought some of you might be interested in this article:

    It applies to PC users but I am sure there is much of the same in the World of Mac!

    This is from the PC Pitstop November 2012 News Letter which you may found here:
  3. How to get to Mars!

    Did you ever want to go?

    A great video - not of the Curiosity but one of the earlier Rovers.
  4. A Music Time Machine!

    A friend sent this to me and since we have a lot of music people here I thought it was worth sharing!

    Each of the years listed below links to the 20 top hits of that year. Pick a year and wait for for the Jukebox to show the 20 hits! Then select the ones you would like to hear!

  5. Who Has Served in Other Than the U.S. Armed Services?

    We have quite a few current and ex armed services people here! Many, many times they have been thanked for their service as well they should be. Most, as might be expected, are (were) members of the U.S. armed services.

    But we must have members who have served in the armed forces of other countries. I know I have and I know Bryan has. There must be others as well.

    So this is your chance to let us all know about your service! If you have served in the armed forces of ...
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