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had a good day

Hey iam bloging!! I just want to say a couple of things first I really spend alot of time here since i got this computer last year almost everyday. I spend more time reading what you guys have to say than talking to peaple I dont get out much. I am amazed how much you guys know and are freindly. I dont work because of diabeties with complicatios I get disability. So somedays you guys are my only contact with other peaple. It would be fun to all meet at the n scale collectors convention or something. Anyway I had really good news at the eye doc today the first time in 2 years they told me my eyes are stable and see you in 4 months and my right eye has improved. They at one time 3 years ago said i will be blind and in true trainut fashion went and bought 3 thousand dollers worth of 3 rail o scale I wont sell it now but that layout is on hold it will be n forever thank you jesus bye for now Jay

  1. e bay

    I just started an ebay acct so far i always get out bid somebodt thinks this stuff is worth a lot of money but its better than playing slots i think i feel addiction coming on, it is kind of fun