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  1. Happy Patriots Day!!!!

    No, this isn't a day set aside for the New England Patriots football team, it is a state holiday here in MA. Towns like Lexington and Concord reenact Revolutionary War battles, etc (much to the chagrin of anti-gun residents).

    There's also a little marathon that gets run every year that ends on Boylston Street in Boston, occasionally marred by terrorist's bombs.

    So to mark this day, I share with the forum the classic Boston & Maine "minuteman" logo, depicting ...
  2. HELP! Need some ideas from folks for making a photo tent/cube

    I have a lot of problems with lighting when I take photos at home of things like models, rocks/minerals, and some Ebay items. Lack of light is bad enough, but when I do actually get some light on the subject, I end up with reflections that ruin the photo.

    I've seen various photography "tents", cubes, light diffusion boxes, etc online for sale that help with this issue. Thing is, some of the designs prohibit macro photography, AND I have a 0% budget.

    Sooooooooo, ...
  3. Snowmageddon 2015

    Those of you living in snow-free areas may not understand the title of this post. Those of you who DO, well, you know what I mean. Below is a link to a YouTube clip my boyfriend and I put together, to help show snow-free people what it was like in the middle of Snowmageddon here in Massachusetts.

    I know, not the best videography, but I was only using my regular camera. I think maybe I need to add some music, but then you'd miss the sound of the V8! ...
  4. MUST VENT: To the man with the dog at Ayer MA today...

    (WARNING: Venting about to commence)

    Dear Sir,

    It is bad enough you trespassed by walking your dog right down to the wye switch in the Pan Am yard at Ayer MA this afternoon. Better yet, you let the dog run around with your extra long leash. Even better, 2 massive locomotives were moving right next to you.

    AND to top it all off, you RUINED my mega-zoom photo of the UP locomotive which was heading back into the yard. It came out pretty good... other ...

    Updated 31st Mar 2014 at 03:53 PM by NellsChoo (added photo)

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  5. Fun With a Sign Making Machine...

    My boyfriend Todd gets to make signs as part of his job. He still has some stuff to learn, but the other day he gave me this license plate/sign. He used shapes to put together a steam locomotive! I guess he had some time on his hands... The neat thing is the background is reflective!

    Click image for larger version. 

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