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  1. videobruce's Avatar
    Wow! What a find, never saw that before!
  2. mosslake's Avatar
    I'll have the corned beef can keep 'it'
  3. zosimas's Avatar

  4. zosimas's Avatar
    this can go in the product announcements forum where people might actually see it besides me
  5. Moose2013's Avatar
    Oh! Just watch it. Funny. The commercials were a bit creepy though... Thanks for sharing.
  6. gshannon's Avatar
    Interesting! I love old-time radio shows. Thanks for sharing this.
  7. zosimas's Avatar
    I like that logo, too bad it went away with B&M
  8. NellsChoo's Avatar
    Tried it. Didn't work. I need more LIGHT! LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. zosimas's Avatar
    looking good so far.
  10. NellsChoo's Avatar
    I really had a hard time planning... ended up just cutting and gluing and this is what I have so far.

  11. zosimas's Avatar
    post pics when it's built, I'd post pics of mine, but due to the cardboard nature of it's construction it may have received some damage and I need to make a new one
  12. NellsChoo's Avatar
    Went to a nearby crazy-insane art store this morning and stood there for over an hour, trying to think (HA! right...) and plan in my head possible ways to make this thing. I ended up with some balsa and (wait for it) gravestone rubbing paper! I WAS going to go with a 12"x5' roll of velum, but it cost $8 and would have required taping sheets together to get the right size. Just as I was getting ready to check out, a woman mentioned rice paper, which can be rather translucent. What I ended up finding was that gravestone rubbing paper, tough, semi-translucent, and cheaper than the velum. And also in large sheets.

    Stay tuned...
  13. NellsChoo's Avatar
    It is so simple, it is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! Now see? I USED to make a brain and could think up such things... now, my brain is always OFF and I can't manage SQUAT!
  14. zosimas's Avatar
  15. zosimas's Avatar
    Was hopping for a speed chase
  16. NellsChoo's Avatar
    Walthers actually HAD a set in stock, and ON SALE! Turns out it was made/packaged by Life Like, so that tells you how long ago I bought the original MIA set. Arrived yesterday, haven't opened the box yet, so that means the old ones can still hide a bit longer.
  17. zosimas's Avatar
    Find it yet?
  18. Tred's Avatar
    Could it be OCD? LOL
  19. grrf's Avatar
    combined drives always been dodgy ...
  20. Brasko's Avatar
    It has been "borrowed" by a few people, or perhaps someone is giving you a sign BLUERAY IS THE FUTURE!
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