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Jugtown Modeler

  1. 1778-79 Revolutionary War Artillery Cantonment Diorama

    Growing up in Central (New) Jersey, the echoes of the Revolutionary War surrounded us. Washington had his winter headquarters in my home town. While I have a more particular interest in the Industrial Revolution, especially NJ railroad history, I am fascinated by history of almost any era/location.

    In late 1778, leaders chose the Watchung Mountains of Central Jersey to set camp for the winter. The main Continental Army in Middlebrook, ideally suited to keep the British in check in NY, ...
  2. Happy Anniversary

    H all,

    Andrew (Ridgeline) just reminded me that it is the anniversary of this site!

    CONGRATULATIONS! For making it to 10 years!

    I just want to thank all the folks who have contributed to creating this site, are working behind the scenes to make it run smoothly and all y'all for being so welcoming, friendly and helpful. I came from NscaleLimited where it seemed to be a small, talented group. I felt welcome there as well but the site had troubles and passed ...
  3. Scale Model Photographs / Art

    Someone shared this video story of Michael Paul Smith and his photograph of Elgin Park, a fictitious town he models and photographs.

    And his website:

    Some nice modeling and simple camera make for some compelling photos.
  4. For those that celebrate a holiday at this time of year....

    For all of you that celebrate Christmas, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas to you and your families. Those of other faiths, I wish you a joyous (if not belated) celebration to you as well.

    Becoming a member of this site (and recently passed NSL) has helped to fill a modeling/hobby void in my life. Finding like-minded enthusiasts to share information, answer questions and offer help & advice has been a Godsend. I really only know one other model railroader (fortunately ...
  5. Thank you N scalers!

    My life is generally pretty blessed. I have much to be thankful for. One highpoint this past year has been some renewed passion to pursue more modeling both professionally and in this hobby. Much of this energy has come from connecting here and previously on the Nscalelimited forum (R.I.P.) with fellow model railroad enthusiasts like you. I appreciate your patience, answers, comments and inspiring work. To all of you and your families - Happy Thanksgiving.

    On a side note, with ...

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