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  1. 1778-79 Revolutionary War Artillery Cantonment Diorama

    Growing up in Central (New) Jersey, the echoes of the Revolutionary War surrounded us. Washington had his winter headquarters in my home town. While I have a more particular interest in the Industrial Revolution, especially NJ railroad history, I am fascinated by history of almost any era/location.

    In late 1778, leaders chose the Watchung Mountains of Central Jersey to set camp for the winter. The main Continental Army in Middlebrook, ideally suited to keep the British in check in NY, ...
  2. Web Hosting Advice

    I was not sure if there is a better place to post this question but it is off topic... A search here on "web hosting" did not show anything so hope this isn't a previously covered topic and I have missed it.

    I am looking to create a website to put a personal portfolio online. It won't be huge but I want to be able point potential clients quickly to samples of work. Eventually, I would like to be able to add the option of ordering products. Perhaps some small video clips. ...