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  1. Recent New England Model Railroad Announcements

  2. Great train related Game for all THE FAMILY

    Hi folks,
    If you are still after a present for yourself or your family, I can thoroughly recommend this game called Colt Express.
    You play bandits robbing a train, very good fun and beautifully designed!
  3. Jim Fitzgerald’s Legacy Inspires an Accidental Train Collector to Build N-Scale DB

    George Michaels, Founder of TroveStar N-Scale Model Train Database

    by George Michaels, Founder of TroveStar N-Scale Model Train Database

    In the summer of 2015, I began work creating the N-Scale Model Train Database on TroveStar, a database of n-scale items released since the 1960s. As of December 20, 2017, the database tally was 47,800+ locos, rolling stock, structures
  4. Elsewhere Yard

    Quote Originally Posted by SteamPower4ever View Post
    Yet another redesign.

    This time I've slimmed the entire yard down somewhat. From 40/55/70cm module widths to 40/50/60 cm, which should save some lumber, storage/transport space and overall weight.
    I sacrificed two yard tracks and taking advise from @Heiko, I grouped the yard into two groups of four tracks, giving a better overview of the many tracks. That should make life a bit easier for the yardmasters at module meets.

    The ladders may look a little strange and I'd
  5. Miscellaneous

    Watched "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" TV comedy show on the TBD network. Show features a 20-something discussing things & having friends/relatives in front of a web camera for others out there to see. In this episode, father had bought a real train whistle for Xmas and was blowing it several times throughout the show.

    Have a Lenovo pc with XP. A while back installed Xubuntu but the WIFI did not function. The other night hooked the pc through the Ethernet port which did function. ...
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