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  1. Reclamation work begins ......

    by , 14th Sep 2011 at 10:04 AM (Wikikamoocow Valley Rail Road blog)
    Well, the emergency and rescue crews have long left. The hydrogeologists & hydrographers have probed & postulated. The Royal Inquiry resulted in everyone being royally flushed and the loss adjusters/insurance assessors have fled in fear of being lynched.

    So now the tough get going .......

    Went out to Yucca to have a look at the local servo. Johnno was still picking up the last bits & peices ....
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    Unfortunately, ...
  2. Remembering 9/11: A warrior's unexpected gift to America

  3. "At 20, Linux is invisible, ubiquitous"

    For those with any interest in OSes you may find this article of interest!

    There is lots of neat stuff here. One thing I learned is that the Android OS (and others) is actually based on the Linux core! Very interesting!
  4. Slide Show for Alligator Lines Home Page!

    Those of you who are familiar with my web site know that close to the top of the home page I have a static “welcome” picture. This image is changed periodically, usually to coincide with a significant update to the site.

    Of late, I have been noticing that agrowing number of web sites include a slide show on their home page. Sometimes this is a series of teasers regarding the content of thesite itself and sometimes it is just a collection of related pictures.

    I thought it ...

    Updated 18th Aug 2011 at 04:12 PM by BryanC (RIP) (Typos)

    'N' Scale Related
  5. Document your wiring. Part 1.

    Most of you are much younger tham I am. Therefore, your memory is still sharp. However, you will age with time, and your memory will start to have gaps in it.

    For this reason I strongly advise you all to document your layout wiring. When trouble arises in the wiring it is so much easier to troubleshoot by consulting the documentation.

    The documentation can easily be stored on the computer and saved to a CD or Zip drive.

    For small layouts the documentation ...