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  1. Learning how to do scenery

    I've been doing a lot of scenery now that the tracks work correctly. I'm learning a lot fast as I do it too. Even with hundreds of hours of video about how watched, it's still a practice issue. The more you practice, the better you get.

    I added a new locomotive depot/shed with a parking lot and lighting which I think turned out nicely. The shed was the first model I built for my first attempt at a layout 3 years ago, and it's finally in place, albeit, without one of the little ...
  2. Progress for the Grand Central, and road improvements for La Salle.

    I'm still on the mock-up phase of the Grand Central Station build. Made a foam core bone structure that I clip walls to as I complete them. These Brick sheets will also have an underlayment of art matte board, so essentially, every wall gets cut out twice.

    Also worked ...