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  1. Equipment Frustrations

    After a full two weeks, I have cancelled my original order for equipment from Tony's Train XChange. The cancellation policy unambiguously states "[o]rder cancellation requests must be submitted ... within 24 hours", which I have exceeded by at least 300 hours. Most of what I ordered was out of stock with an expected restocking time of 10 days, but I think it likely that the supply chain has been disrupted by the Wuhan virus.

    I will not be receiving:
    • Kato N 106-6273
  2. Starting Equipment Purchased

    Additional Equipment Purchased:
    • Kato N 106-6273 EMD F7 Freight Train Set, Std. DC, ATSF Bluebonnet
    • Digitrax DN163K0B Decoder
    • Digitrax DTXZEPE Zephyr Express Starter Set DCS52
    • 2 x Atlas #2092 N Scale Code 55 Terminal Joiners
    • ATLAS MODEL 2091 Code 55 Insulated Rail Joiner (24) N
    • 2 x N Code 55 Nickel Silver Metal Rail Joiner (24pcs) Atlas Trains by Atlas
    • 50 x Midwest Products 3019 Railroad Cork N Cork Roadbed
    • Printer Cable USB 2.0
    • Kapton

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  3. Modeling a Model Railroad.


    This is a complex, expensive, multi-disapline hobby and I am a profoundly ignorant man. I have no idea at all how to build a model railroad so instead I am going to build a model of a model railroad, a development railroad, on which I can test or validate each decision I make, or at least gain a practical understanding of the design trade-offs involved in such decisions.

    I have already purchased a pair of hopper cars and I have pre-ordered a locomotive.
  4. Rules for RR XING signs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spookshow View Post
    I'm modeling a scene where there's a short private road coming off a highway. Said road crosses a couple of tracks before entering the parking area for the business in question (a large grain elevator operation). I'm currently debating whether or not that crossing needs anything in the way of RR XING signs.

    I found this place (which is a similar sort of situation) and was kind of surprised to see that there weren't any signs at all. Is this typical? Are there any rules for this?
  5. current situation with the world

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