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  1. Revisiting a fallen flag

    I had an uncle that passed away and the funeral was today. Visiting that area brought back some memories as there is much of the family history there.

    To get to the cemetery, we had to cross over the old Rock Island main track. This was part of the Memphis-Tucemcari route running west from Memphis, through Little Rock and then on to Oklahoma.

    The main line looking west, and then looking to the east. Still in pretty good shape, although further west towards Danville, ...
  2. Start of another station, Grand Central in Chicago

    To go along with the Lee's Coveralls ad I created for the back of CMT 9 story, I always intended to create a building similar to Chicago's Grand Central Station. I know the ad was visible from Dearborn Station, but that building never held a visual appeal for me, and I also didn't have enough room to have both Dearborn & GC. Northwestern, while it is a very nice station, also had no room, and I felt that it was well beyond my capabilities to do it justice. so-
    I am using many views and ...
  3. Weeks' Update (22th Mar 2022)

    Assembled a couple of Downtown Deco Hydrocal plaster buildings.
    A few other details taken care of during the week prior...Added roofs to several assembled kits, as well glazing. Did some detail touch-up, too.
    Still haven't received the Kato couplers I ordered from Japan. Hope they come soon-ish.
    Added some more roadways around the river, began a South Park Hobbies car sides conversion of a ConCor donor to a diner-dorm. I will need to revive the airbrush and skills for same for ...
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  4. Karrie Light Part II

    If you look back through the forums, under scratch building, you can find my thread on Karrie Light. That was really the only scene on that incarnation of The B Line that I completed. True, I did finish the city park, but it was part of a larger scene, and besides, I didn't love it. It was OK, and as a small component, it was fine, but I felt I could have done better.
    Then I grew frustrated that it would have taken several years of construction, and storage space I do not have, to ever ...
  5. N-Trak Convention in the UK

    Hello all from the UK.

    This weekend has been the N-Tack convention in Bournemouth, a good weekend has and is been had bay all. We have two layouts set up and seeing some heavy running with engineers ranging from 2 to 80+.Click image for larger version. 

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