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  1. Does anybody understand taxes on Ebay

    Ive decided to seriously thin the herd and only make future purchases with funds from what I can sell. Kinda keeping my hobby spending under control.

    Now there has been a ton of changes lately to taxes for internet sales and I frankly do not understand it.

    From what I can tell currently sellers are responsible to collect and pay tax.. This month that will change and for a fee ebay/paypal will collect and pay tax?

    Am I missing something? ...
  2. Missing Forum

    Looks like another train forum site has bit the dust. is gone. I think forums are a dying breed...
  3. The milestone reached

    In lock step with U.P.'s 150th celebration, my "Golden Rail Joiner" was laid on May 9th. That joint was the mainline connection on the seventh looped "railroad", in this case the Alton. There are a pair of sidings to finish track laying off of that line, but overall I felt a sense of accomplishment.
    Now, the next two steps for me is to get wires to several of the turnouts and sectional segments, and in a manner that will support the Train Brain controls I'm installing. ...
  4. Corned Beef and...

  5. Vintage Railroad Ad: Southern Pacific 1926