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  1. Onizukachan's Avatar
    Model trains are considered toys and excluded from import or customs charges. Haven’t ordered anything from Amazon.JP recently nor anything from eBay recently but I’d expect delays of 2-4 weeks over the normal shipping times.
  2. Albey25's Avatar
    Not from Japan, but I bought a couple of things from China a while back. It was through Amazon and the items (structure kits) came through as promised. In fact, they were ahead of schedule!
  3. Albey25's Avatar
    Thanks for reading! I enjoy writing. I was hoping someone would know what those buildings were. They fascinated both me and my wife. They must have been pretty important in their time but now they're just giant corpses of a bygone era.
  4. schedule22's Avatar
    A fun read as I am Boston based!
  5. Paul Schmidt's Avatar
    Thanks for the update and photos!