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  1. Trains every 15 minutes by my Orr MN Airbnb room.

    Last September (2021) I went to Orr, MN for my ½ Sister's funeral which consisted of tossing her ashes on the old homestead she grew up on. The homestead contained the house, sauna, garage, well & a Model A. All were on their last leg ready to fall over or rust away. I spent several nights in Orr at an Airbnb listening to the trains going by. The single track was between my street and U.S. Hwy 53. One train during the day had 140+ cars and 3 CN diesels. The cars were mainly hopper cars carrying ...
  2. My Model Railroads

    So I've not been back to for a while. Its been pretty hectic but I have been making progress on my N scale layouts. I thought I was at a point now that I have some things worthwhile to share. It may be greedy but I'm building 3 different layouts.

    1. A small learning layout for my British stock 'Aberffilli' A fictional South Wales simple. I'm finally at the point where I can run trains and scenics is well underway! (DC)

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Slow going

    Hi all. Once again I'm forced to apologize for being less than faithful in keeping this blog at anything close to a schedule. Mea Culpa! Real life keeps intruding, in some ways good, and in some ways not. I have made some progress on the B-Line this past month, but not a lot. Also, the most important step, in my humble opinion, is pretty much unseen. All of the mainline has power, and for the first time in 5 years, I ran a train on my own layout! That may not seem like much to you, but to me it ...
  4. 2Atlas 2 Truck Shay Dcc'ed

    This is a video of my Atlas 2 Truck Shay Dcc'ed with a Digitrax DZ123 and hauling log cars and a bobber caboose, on my oval test track


  5. Self Propelled Rotary Snow-Plow DCC’ed

    So I was asked to post some pics - this is one of my favorite
    conversions - a Con-Cor/More (Japan) JNR Rotary Snow Plow
    More info can be found on

    Here are a few pics - video was too large to upload

    I changed the tender to a vanderbuilt easier to add couplers &
    to insert DZ123 Digitrax decoder

    the photos are in my album (public). I do not have a URL to upload them in this message and did not find ...

    Updated 20th Nov 2021 at 12:30 AM by Sparker251 (video too large for upload)

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