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  1. control panel background color

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    Found some pics. This first one is my first attempt at a control panel. I think I used blue tape and then covered it with decoupage. You can't see in this picture, but I had a beige skirt around it.
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    This is the blue one I was talking about:
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    And this is the white one in progress.
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  2. Recent Orr MN trip

    Went on a trip to Orr, MN last Thurs to visit my Sis birth place and home. Sis died last Jan so a # of relatives, mine and her husband's, went to stay in various AIRBNB's. My place was a spooky haunted house in downtown across the street from RR tracks. The Canadian National trains went back & forth between Int'l Falls and Duluth several times every day & night. One train had 3 locos & 133 cars. Had an engine with me to show others. The end of a short blog.
  3. When all else fails...

    The beauty (among many other beauties) of model railroading is that when things seem hopeless, it's perfectly ok to just give up and start over. That's what I've decided to do. To catch you up, I got back into the hobby about 20 years back, after a long hiatus which I wasted earning a living and raising a family. As my son grew into adulthood I found myself longing for the good old days of model railroading, so with encouragement from my wife, I began construction of a layout in the back room of ...

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  4. Beginning my Blog

    This will be a blog about my delve into model railroading. Not sure where it will lead, or how many entries it will have, only time will tell.

    I started with Kato Unitrack, purchasing the M2 starter set which is a basic oval with siding and DC power/control pack. Along with this I purchased a N EMD F7 Union Pacific Train set which included a locomotive, 3 mixed freight cars and a caboose. Soon I added the V2 Viaduct set, V5 Inside loop and V6 Outside loop add-on sets. I also got ...
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  5. BLI Light Mikado

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    I just received my Light Mikado, SAL #498, this week.

    My setup is Kato Unitrack with a Digitrax Zephyr DCS52 DCC controller.

    When I first put it on the track I was not impressed. It kept cutting off and restarting. At first I thought it was doing this randomly, but then I noticed it was at certain sounds. Blowing the whistle would always cause it to cut-out and restart. After messing with it a bit I tried turning down the volume ...
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