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  1. A Brief Description of My Layout

    Name: ATSF Paradigm Division
    Scale: N-scale
    Size: 154 x 24' 11
    Prototype: ATSF (freelanced prototype)
    Locale: Kansas City, eastern Kansas, & eastern Oklahoma
    Period: 1940s - 1950s transition era
    Layout Style: around the walls and center peninsula
    Aisles: minimum 36
    Benchwork: conventional grid and spline (helixes)
    Height: staging - 33, main level - 48, third level - 53
    Roadbed: 3/4 cabinet grade plywood and ...
  2. Military train

    Quote Originally Posted by KajusTheCat View Post
    I have just started putting together an n scale layout. My main two railroads will be BNSF and Union Pacific. With running mostly intermodal and coal trains in BNSF I wanted to model a military train in Union Pacific. I have acquired a selection of Micro Machines military tanks and vehicles but am wondering what would be the best way to fix them to the flat cars and how to model tethering chains.
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  3. New N-Scale Model Railroading Club Forming

    Hello All,

    A wonderful opportunity has become available for N-Scale model railroaders who live in or around the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area. The club is seeking fellow N-Scale modelers who are interested in joining a club and are willing to meet within the county.

    Here are some of the criteria the club would like to concentrate on (in no particular order):

    1. The club envisions eventually having a permanent clubhouse in a retail ...
  4. Memorial Day

    Well Memorial Day will soon be upon us. Just want to wish all a happy and safe Memorial Day.
    Especially to the service men and women both foreign and domestic that are serving, have served and who have lost their lives giving us are freedoms.
  5. Bridge Inspection Required?

    A friend sent this to me. I thought it was pretty funny. I wonder if they inspect this bridge a little more frequently considering...