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  1. Making progress in the yards

    Now that baseball, and the B & B are both behind me, I have set my sights on getting down to some serious model railroading. Yep, you guessed it: BALLAST!
    Now before you go getting all huffy on me, I have to tell you that in the chat room here I encountered a couple of folks who actually ENJOY ballasting! I'll leave their mental stability to the experts and just say "to each his own." I don't want to turn this blog entry into an "I hate ballasting" rant, which has ...

    Updated 16th Aug 2013 at 12:02 PM by Albey25

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  2. Share Your Weathering!

  3. The Begining.....Bills' FreemoN Modules.

    I have such BIG hopes for this layout.

    Starting off... I have such a limited space to work...a 30"x 6' table immediately tells me to go modular. But, what type....FreemoN seems to be the most open...and seeing as the ONLY group in my area has folded I will have to just build as I seem fit and then worry about an adaptor module to connect with others.

    After reviewing comments from others my layout will be based on an 18"x6" endplate, with varying lengths ...
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  4. Ahhh Baseball!

    Ahhh Baseball!

    It'll lift you up higher than you ever dreamed a game could, and then it'll slam you into the ground so hard you'll fear broken bones. Given that, I guess I'll consider myself lucky that this season produced no skeletal damage. The tremendous high of last year's championship seems distant now, when in contrast to the cellar dwelling squad we fielded this season. To be sure, there were high points, especially individually, but collectively we struggled.
  5. RailPro v2 Released by Ring Engineering

    Somehow I missed the announcement, but Ring Engineering has released a second generation of their RailPro product line: Locomotive Module (LM), Handheld Controller (HC) and Power Supply (PWR). I have been trying to keep my eye on this product line for a few years now, and this comes as exciting news.

    Locomotive Module LM-2 and LM-2S

    The ...