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  1. Getting the PM's onto the track

    Made it into a New Year (as did all of you folk)! To sustain that burst of enthusiasm and push forward all those items I wish to carry out this 2024, I'll catch up with the car side builds. In a word, I'm disappointed with my own efforts to produce 'flawless' cars. Okay, we all want nice, positive results, but as a 'learn as I go' project, the lower expectations I'd set for myself weren't even reached. But there have been results.
  2. Finding the best Kato Unitrack track planning software that is free

    Hello Fellow N-Scalers,
    I was looking through some track planning books and I came across two layouts in a book called 101track plans. #58 Grand River Western RR & #97 Philadelphia &Reading System. 1st of all I don't own a Computer, 2nd I couldn't draw a straight line If my life dependent on it.
    I suppose I would have to use a Computer in order for me to see how many pieces I will need to design the Layout of my choice. Which ever Layout I choose I plan on making some minor ...
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  3. Getting back after 6 months

    It's been almost 6 months since I last put any real effort into the layout. Surprisingly, it just worked when I turned it on, which was very nice to have happen. I did spend about 30 minutes wiping down the track, and vacuuming out all the little spots first though. I expect it would have been a bit rough if I hadn't. I'm still impressed though. The No-Ox just works. It's magic, that's all there is to it. I left that sit for 6 months in a humid basement, and while there was a little black ...
  4. The Untitled and Pacific Railroad

    Hello fellow n-scalers. So this is Aisane (online name) / Jerry (my English name. My actual name is Yubo, it's mandarin), and I'm a recent convert to n-scale after dabbling in HO for my childhood. I'm currently building my first layout, which is a ~2.5ft x 4.5 ft semi-modular layout. The track plan is pictured below.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had a long list ofrequirements, but the main ones were to get two go arounds in the continuous running mode (not a oval), have sparse visiable ...

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  5. Learning how to do scenery

    I've been doing a lot of scenery now that the tracks work correctly. I'm learning a lot fast as I do it too. Even with hundreds of hours of video about how watched, it's still a practice issue. The more you practice, the better you get.

    I added a new locomotive depot/shed with a parking lot and lighting which I think turned out nicely. The shed was the first model I built for my first attempt at a layout 3 years ago, and it's finally in place, albeit, without one of the little ...
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