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Anything related to prototype rail.

  1. Learning how to do scenery

    I've been doing a lot of scenery now that the tracks work correctly. I'm learning a lot fast as I do it too. Even with hundreds of hours of video about how watched, it's still a practice issue. The more you practice, the better you get.

    I added a new locomotive depot/shed with a parking lot and lighting which I think turned out nicely. The shed was the first model I built for my first attempt at a layout 3 years ago, and it's finally in place, albeit, without one of the little ...
  2. Iconic Bridge from Another Perspective

    It seems like every one of my blog posts starts with an apology for not posting more. Let's assume that tradition continues and just move on.

    My lovely bride of 53 years gave me a scare about a month ago. I've written in the past about friends who travel with us, and who generously indulge our love of all things railroad related. Well, in late May the four of us spent a wonderful four days in beautiful Vermont. I'll spare you the travelogue except to say that we all got Covid! Three ...
    Prototype Related
  3. Revisiting a fallen flag

    I had an uncle that passed away and the funeral was today. Visiting that area brought back some memories as there is much of the family history there.

    To get to the cemetery, we had to cross over the old Rock Island main track. This was part of the Memphis-Tucemcari route running west from Memphis, through Little Rock and then on to Oklahoma.

    The main line looking west, and then looking to the east. Still in pretty good shape, although further west towards Danville, ...
  4. Karrie Light Part II

    If you look back through the forums, under scratch building, you can find my thread on Karrie Light. That was really the only scene on that incarnation of The B Line that I completed. True, I did finish the city park, but it was part of a larger scene, and besides, I didn't love it. It was OK, and as a small component, it was fine, but I felt I could have done better.
    Then I grew frustrated that it would have taken several years of construction, and storage space I do not have, to ever ...
  5. Trains every 15 minutes by my Orr MN Airbnb room.

    Last September (2021) I went to Orr, MN for my Sister's funeral which consisted of tossing her ashes on the old homestead she grew up on. The homestead contained the house, sauna, garage, well & a Model A. All were on their last leg ready to fall over or rust away. I spent several nights in Orr at an Airbnb listening to the trains going by. The single track was between my street and U.S. Hwy 53. One train during the day had 140+ cars and 3 CN diesels. The cars were mainly hopper cars carrying ...
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