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  1. A Short History of the Turtle Creek Industrial RR

    The TCIRR is not exactly a prototype. It is part freelance and part prototype. The prototype part was an accident. When I was starting to plan a layout about 2 yrs. ago I found a coal loading facility at Duquesne Wharf, Pa on the Monongahela River. It is owned and operated by the Union RR. I also wanted to include a car float. So these 2 items were already in the back of my mind. I started looking at Google maps and found town names nearby - Turtle Creek, Murrysville, Mifflin, East Pittsburgh, ...

    Updated 9th May 2009 at 11:41 AM by epumph

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  2. How to build a Clinometer. Part 3.

    Calibrate the clinometer:

    Refer to the diagram below. On a flat level surface mark a distance of 25 inchs. Place a piece of double sided tape on each mark so that the distance between the pieces of tape is 25 inches. On the left piece of tape place a .25 inch piece of stock. Then lay a straight piece of wood between the right hand piece of tape and resting on the piece of .25 inch stock. Place the clinometer on the straight edge. Mark the point on the base member of the clinometer ...
  3. Thought Experiments and the Power of Visualization

    So... thus begins my new ambitious project: The Bavarian & Tyrol Alpine Railroad Company.

    The name should speak for itself; green pastures, quaint german villages, alpine chalets and farms, great beefy steam engines and powerful electric "crocodiles" with pantographs, deep gorges and high rocky spires... did i mention Bier Gartens by an ice cold glacier-fed stream? ... Oh, ...
  4. First Impressions: Downtown Deco's Addams Ave Part One - Completed

    This is a description of the Downtown Deco Hydrocal Kit of Adams Ave. Part One. This kit will become the first structure to be used in Scenery Project 13D. As of now there are several of these type of kits planned for use in this area.

    This will be the second Hydrocal kit I will have constructed with Randy’s Burgers being the first. It will mark the start of the main town area on my layout ...

    Updated 23rd Mar 2010 at 02:18 PM by BryanC (RIP) (Add update)

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  5. Revised Plans for Starting Over

    Welp. I've done it. I've revised my plan since starting over. One of the many things I am terrible at is making any kind of decision about anything. Alas though as I embarked on my new shelf, I realized quickly that 80" was long, and my space is short. Also realized 12" is narrow, and what I want to model is going to be wide. With that discovered I went back to the drawing board to draw the San Jose Switcher as Byron had intended it, and go from there.

    Byron used two Peco ...
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