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  1. "The Dangers of Downloading Free Software"

    "The Dangers of Downloading Free Software".

    I thought some of you might be interested in this article:

    It applies to PC users but I am sure there is much of the same in the World of Mac!

    This is from the PC Pitstop November 2012 News Letter which you may found here:
  2. PRLX Layout Update

    I havent posted a comment in my blog in a very long time but I'm back with an update. I decided to switch roadnames I was running on my layout from CSX/Conrail to BN/ATSF. Since I didnt have many BN locomotives & no AT&SF locos that meant I had to buy some lol. Well the month of Oct I think I bought 8 new locos 4 BN locos and 4 AT&SF locos. Lets see I bought a BN U30C, GP15-1 GP38-2, U25B and so far I have a AT&SF SD40, C30-7, SD45, SD45 Kodachrome, F7B & my last one will be ...
  3. Hurricane Sandy

    Hi everyone!
    Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are fine. We evacuated LBI Sat. We lost power here in Hamburg in Northern NJ on Sunday and got it back on Monday 5 AM. However, our cable and internet were out. We got that back today (Thurs) around noon so here I am reporting!
    Our house at the shore was untouched except for a small piece of aluminum fascia and had maybe an inch of water in the garage and workshop - where the trains live! Barnegat Light has a great system ...
  4. Gotta say this, can't stay silent any longer!

    First, let me say, I am very, very novice to model railroading. There is so much for me to learn. I am not however novice to electrical theory, I am way above the average man in understanding on this subject. I am not even sure how to state this. I am not trying to offend anyone, so please understand, I am trying to correct statements I see very often in the model rr community. Not neccessarily here, though it probably haqs been said here, but for safty, I have to say this.

    Time and ...
  5. Revisiting Gills Landing

    With all my stringing of lineside poles, it came time to span them over the Wolf River at Gills Landing. This is good for me however, as I returned to work on this area of the layout after the NMRA show this August. I started constructing a few details for this area. The first one however was the towers (poles?) for the river crossing. Here is a bad picture of a picture of the real place: