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  1. The Shire T Trak Module

    Quote Originally Posted by northmill View Post
    This is my first T-Trak module.

  2. Getting back after 6 months

    It's been almost 6 months since I last put any real effort into the layout. Surprisingly, it just worked when I turned it on, which was very nice to have happen. I did spend about 30 minutes wiping down the track, and vacuuming out all the little spots first though. I expect it would have been a bit rough if I hadn't. I'm still impressed though. The No-Ox just works. It's magic, that's all there is to it. I left that sit for 6 months in a humid basement, and while there was a little black ...
  3. clover house

    Has anyone had any luck ordering from them? I have tied to call Tom and left a message on their web site last week and no response.
    And just tried again to leave a note on their contact page and just keep getting error message.
    Hope Tom is OK. Lost his email when I changed web service.
  4. The Untitled and Pacific Railroad

    Hello fellow n-scalers. So this is Aisane (online name) / Jerry (my English name. My actual name is Yubo, it's mandarin), and I'm a recent convert to n-scale after dabbling in HO for my childhood. I'm currently building my first layout, which is a ~2.5ft x 4.5 ft semi-modular layout. The track plan is pictured below.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had a long list ofrequirements, but the main ones were to get two go arounds in the continuous running mode (not a oval), have sparse visiable ...

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  5. Ohio to Iowa Trains Spots?

    Hey there everyone,

    I have an upcoming trip where I would like to hit some hobby shops/ train spots along the way to help break up the drive time.

    I'll be leaving central Ohio area and heading west to Burlington, Iowa. The path takes me along Interstate 70 & Interstate 74. The big name cities that I will be driving through are Indianapolis IN, Champaign & Peoria, IL.

    Anyone familiar with the areas and know of maybe a few good trains spots to hit?