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  1. Cleaning

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    There isnít a lot of information because the locos are soooooo different. What works for a Kato doesnít apply to all Katos. Ever since they were a manufacturer for ConCor to the latest MPX loco, they have really changed. Nothing is at all like a Pocket chassis. Donít get me started about the Lima flat motor. Mehano locos are so chock full of obsolete and Soviet era motors you can drive yourself insane documenting them all. And that is just the top snowflake on the iceberg.

    But what
  2. March Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by northmill View Post
    Hello all.
    Wanted to share a few recent updates.

    First of all, I tidied up my wiring underneath. No photos of this, but the two sections are on separate power buses with the car lightbulb for each.
    I finished out the facia, re-did my backdrops, and put a dress on her. This allows my to push it up to the wall like I originally intended and take full advantage of the lights.

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    I got a $5 sand tower house kit at a recent
  3. Phase II Update

    Just started this blog... conveniently you can add forum post with a button. Yay.

    Quote Originally Posted by northmill View Post
    Hello N-Scalers.

    First, want to offer my thanks for all the great suggestions, explanations, support and wisdom from this forum.

    Submitting a long-overdue layout update. In the last part of 22 I finalized Phase 1 and started working on Phase 2. Phase 1 was essentially vignettes from two little towns from my childhood, Murfreesboro and Christiana Tennessee. Mix of early diesel
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  4. Learning how to do scenery

    I've been doing a lot of scenery now that the tracks work correctly. I'm learning a lot fast as I do it too. Even with hundreds of hours of video about how watched, it's still a practice issue. The more you practice, the better you get.

    I added a new locomotive depot/shed with a parking lot and lighting which I think turned out nicely. The shed was the first model I built for my first attempt at a layout 3 years ago, and it's finally in place, albeit, without one of the little ...
  5. Moose warning

    Saw this on one of my discord channels and thought I'd share...

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