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  1. Ahhh Baseball!

    Ahhh Baseball!

    It'll lift you up higher than you ever dreamed a game could, and then it'll slam you into the ground so hard you'll fear broken bones. Given that, I guess I'll consider myself lucky that this season produced no skeletal damage. The tremendous high of last year's championship seems distant now, when in contrast to the cellar dwelling squad we fielded this season. To be sure, there were high points, especially individually, but collectively we struggled.
  2. RailPro v2 Released by Ring Engineering

    Somehow I missed the announcement, but Ring Engineering has released a second generation of their RailPro product line: Locomotive Module (LM), Handheld Controller (HC) and Power Supply (PWR). I have been trying to keep my eye on this product line for a few years now, and this comes as exciting news.

    Locomotive Module LM-2 and LM-2S

    The ...
  3. A somewhat different perspective on layout design

    Model railroading is a community as much as it is a hobby and within that community there exists an
    “Old Guard”. A group of hobbyists with years of experience who charge themselves with the responsibility to guide and educate less experienced intermediate and beginner model rails. This group altruistically goes about helping and advising the less skilled and experienced in many ways from participating in online forums to writing and publishing magazine articles. They often impart invaluable ...
  4. Ts 2013

    Just letting you know, assuming you are interested.... Train Simulator 2013 is on sale for $11 on Steam... Just picked up my copy. I think the sale ends Monday night. WOOT WOOT!
  5. Installing Windows 8.1 Preview - 1: Setting Things Up

    Introductory Note: For those wondering why I would bother creating detailed instructions for the installation of Windows 8.1 Preview, especially in a blog on a model railroading site, let me say this.

    First, the blogs are specifically meant for non-model railroading topics thereby providing an outlet for members who wish to share other information or discuss other topics.

    Second, I have made a number of posts in the past about PCs and/or Windows. These have received enough