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  1. Weekend Update (4th Sep 2020) RhikDavis Layout

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	113694Test fitting the track. Needs some tweaking. Of course there was a gap after all was said and done. Had to make a 'custom' piece from flex track. Ain't pretty, but it works. Maybe as I'm going back over the pieces and closing any gaps I'll discover what I did or didn't do. Or maybe its a layout plan snafu. You know I had to put some rolling stock down and a couple of structures.
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  2. A long overdue update, and some forum entries in here, just to get my feet wet again!

    The year and a few months that have passed have, for the most part, been beneficial to the layout. I've still got about 10% of the wiring yet to go, and I've had to revise some revisions along the way, as well as bug hunt and troubleshoot those (mostly self inflicted) gremlins. I find I must get "up" for the occasions that I lie on my back on a mechanics' creeper under the layout, pulling wires to their control panel switch designations, then pulling track power from it's feed to the frogs, ...
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  3. My New Railroad Adventure

    Short version: My wife wants me to have something to do when I retire in 10 years, so I am returning to model railroading after a very long absence.


    Negotiations with her are complete over space: it will be in our 3rd bedroom which we have always used as a storage room (aka 'Junk Room'). I am using shelving modules as my benchwork (see photo). The shelves are all interlocked and with all that weight in them they are like a rock. The top most shelf is 38 1/2 inches ...
  4. 1:150 rc car

    Days of Faller car system are close to shap end
  5. Breaking News ....

    Argenta Daily Press
    August 16, 1870-ish

    The Board of Directors of the Pinnacle and Western Railway are pleased to announce the appointment of William G. McGhee to the post of Chief Operations Officer.

    Prior to his appointment, Mr. McGhee has been diligently working to clear the right of way for the proposed main line trackage. His latest acheivement has been to complete negotiations with all of the land holders along the proposed route regarding the placement of ...
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