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  1. Trying a trestle

    So my layout includes a nice little curved trestle... the prototype is pretty small by bridge standards so that means I won't have to condense it much at all, and the bridge is still there today and CP runs trains over it from the local toyota plant. It's a bit different today than it was in the 1950s and I kind of combined elements from both designs in my plans. Here's a view from 1957 of the trestle and it also makes a great scene with the building in the background being the corner of my layout. ...
  2. Laying the first track

    So for my layout I settled on code 40 and hand laid track. I wanted to buy all the fast track jigs but that would be a lot of money up front so I decided to try learning how to do it without the jigs. My first turnout was an amazingly lucky success but it took 4-6 hours of work to get perfectly right. I'm not sure I will be able to make it through the whole layout without getting some of the jigs but I do find it pretty easy to lay the straight sections without a jig. There's a lot of good info ...
  3. My Model Railway.

    So I've decided to get back into modelling after a 15 year hiatus... admittedly I wasn't much good as a kid doing model trains but I had a small layout and did some basic scenery word and weathered some of my rolling stock. It was an under-the-bed layout and most of it got ruined after moving around in my early 20s. I did manage to save some most of the locomotives though they are all damaged and now need some repairs. I did also buy two steam engines I had thought I could kitbash into Canadian ...
  4. My model railroading journey... a brief trip through the scales.

    I received my first train set for Christmas when I was five years old. It was a Lionel NYC Yard Switcher MOW set. One 0-6-0 switcher and tender, with a half dozen MOW cars (gongola, spot light, crane and tender, and crew quarters. At the time I just had a small loop of track. Over the years the layout grew, switches were added, rolling stock was collected, and even a few buildings popped up. I think the largest it ever got was roughly 8' by 16' on the floor under the tree.

    A few years ...
  5. "Somewhere in Texas" layout

    Hello, I recently started my first formal layout (about Feb 15th 2014) and figured I would create this blog to show the progress and get any helpful tips or hints.

    About the layout-

    The main table is 3' x 11' 10" and There is a shelf that branches off that is 5' x 1'. I am modeling the modern era and scenery will be based off of the hill country in central Texas (Lots of cedar trees, gravel, and limestone).

    The plan -

    I didn't want to overload ...