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  1. MoPac's Avatar
    I too have a backorder through Tony's Train exchange. I do know the reason why it is backordered. This is not their fault, it appears Atlas shipping has grinded to a halt due to the COVID-19. No, its not Atlas's fault this time either due to the usual slow order. I myself am patient. Because I couldn't pass up the deal they have for the new Atlas GE U23 gold series. After reviewing what you went through, I too agree with @Marksomebody . Tony's isn't a big hobby shop. Plus they bent over backwards by offering you credit. Backorders happen and life happens plus they stepped up to the plate to accommodate you. If this would have happen to me, I would be praising them for whats it worth.
  2. Marksomebody's Avatar
    I have had five orders with Tony’s and each was flawless. Yes I am waiting on a few back ordered items and they are working with a small crew Were you offered credit for the missed items or never charged..
    pits a small business so I vote give em a break. My $.02

    ps the prices on Kato track are outstanding.