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  1. current situation with the world

  2. Gone for awhile

    Just got our test results back we both tested positive gang.

    Hope for the best as we're in the targeted age range.
  3. Off topic humor

    In hard times it is important to keep the spirits up. In spite of that, I offer this joke :

    Diner: Waiter, I would like a glass of wine.
    Waiter: Yes sir, red or white?
    Diner: It doesn't matter, I'm color blind.

    I don't know how a blog works. This is my first effort. I hope others can add to this.
  4. Wildlife name change lol

    The user formerly known as Vince P will be re-known as Caribou again after Bryan does his magic later tonight.

    Just an FYI.
  5. Ongoing situation down-under

    Hi Folks,
    The following is part of an email I sent to a friend in Holland who was enquiring about our welbeing in this crisis. I figured that some of you might have been wondering too.

    "Sandy and I are safe and our property is undamaged....for now. I say "For Now" because this damned awful summer isn't over yet. There are 2 large fires burning close by to us. One in the North and another in the South, south west. Presently their status is "Being ...
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