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  1. Breaking News ....

    Argenta Daily Press
    August 16, 1870-ish

    The Board of Directors of the Pinnacle and Western Railway are pleased to announce the appointment of William G. McGhee to the post of Chief Operations Officer.

    Prior to his appointment, Mr. McGhee has been diligently working to clear the right of way for the proposed main line trackage. His latest acheivement has been to complete negotiations with all of the land holders along the proposed route regarding the placement of ...
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  2. Trees in the park

    Thanks to all who have chosen to click on my blog. I really enjoy writing it, but it wouldn't be much fun if people didn't enjoy reading it as well.

    This week I am all about trees. If you've been following these pages, you know that the lighthouse is nearly completed. I'm trying to figure out how to get a 3 volt bulb to blink convincingly. I can make it flash like a police car, but lighthouses have a whole 'nother rhythm. Anyway, I was planning to turn my attention to the main terminal ...

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  3. Baby steps in Beaufield

    Hi again nScale!

    Progress with the lighthouse scene has been slow. I'm waiting for a delivery from Amazon with some electrical parts that will enable me to light the lighthouse and make it blink. Who am I kidding? There's plenty of other stuff I could be doing but I always seem to go into a lull when a project gets close to completion. It's kinda like I don't want it to end. This lighthouse has tortured me for a few months now, but we've recently come to an understanding. When I ...
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  4. Uncovering the past

    Hi all!

    Last week Pam and I journeyed to Winthrop Mass with some old friends. We had come across an article about a narrow gauge railroad that used to run through Winthrop Mass, which is a small city located right under the runway flight path from Logan International Airport in East Boston. The line used to come over the bridge from "Eastie" and make a wide loop around the edge of Winthrop and rejoin the same line and return to the big city. Unlike the Darby Line, which ...

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  5. How a semi-retired n scaler spends his time.

    Hi again everybody! I am not to be counted on! Here I go 6 years without blogging and then have two entries in just a couple of weeks. That said, just because I haven't blogged doesn't mean I haven't been active. My lighthouse scene is coming along, albeit slowly. I am still working at making a living even though I am well past 70, so you may be able to imagine that I get tired easily. While I'm relaxing I like to watch "How-To" videos on YouTube. There are several people doing this and ...