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  1. Back up and running

    Well, sort of. I spent the last week cleaning track and fixing some wiring issues to make sure I could run this weekend, and I got an early Friday evening treat. Trains run normally, though some cleaning is still in the cards it seems. And it's only the outer loop right now, the inner loop still needs testing and some work. But it's fun, and reliable, and I'm pretty happy about the changes now. It looks good. Plus, you can see the caboose I wired up using the Model Train Tech caboose kit. It loos ...
  2. A Badly Needed (Missing) Index for the P-S Library, vol. 14

    Dumb little things that annoys one when trying to backtrack through volumes of references for that single tidbit, I present...

    Pullman-Standard Library #14, Union Pacific 1937-1958
    by W. David Randall & William G. Anderson
    pg1 Introduction
    2-7 Plan 7385, Lot 6510 48 seat coach 7/37-9/37 28 blt, 5300 series
    8-11 Plan 7386, Lot 6510 56 seat coach 7/37-9/37 16 blt, 5200 series Nurse Rm
    12-20 Plan 7387, Lot 6510 Kitchen ...
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  3. Postal rates?

    Have the postal rates jumped up lately? I'm finding a lot of really high shipping $15 to ship a $10 car that I KNOW will fit in a bulk rate box. Not really complaining, but it has definitely impacted what I buy. I now look at the shipping BEFORE I look at the price.
  4. How to post photos using "Go Advance"

    Moose learn [and usually forgets] something ever day ... Today, Moose learn how to avoid thumbnail photos in posts when using the "Insert Image" tool by using "Go Advance" instead of "Post Quick Reply".

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1: Select "Go Advance" instead of "Post Quick Reply"
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    Step 2: Type text, then select where in the post that you wish to add photo, then select "Insert ...
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  5. New to wiring

    Quote Originally Posted by PennsyPride View Post
    .................................................. ...............A|______________________________|B. ....................... C|_____________________

    At A,B and C you want to electrically isolate the track from the main. This can be done by using insulated joiners or physically cutting a gap in the rail and inserting some plastic