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  1. More decals from the factory G.O.D.

    by , 2nd Feb 2012 at 08:47 PM (My Model RR Adventures)
    I was surfing the web the other day and was reminded of a trucking company that I always wondered was real or not. Turns out that the company was real, I always loved the company's name and logo. So I recreated the logo for my Road Railer Trailers in N scale, I know you're waiting with baited breath for the company's which is G.O.D. Guaranteed Overnight Delivery. I touched up a pic from ebay of the G.O.D. logo, shrunk it down to the correct size for my trailers. Im going to go through my current ...

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  2. The unnamed creek

    After finishing the yard and doing alittle ballasting, work on the n scale layout came to a stop for over 2 years. The reason for the stop was. I started research and construction on a g scale layout outisde. Within the last month I have restarted work on the n scale layout, the layout has grown to a 2'x7' from a 2'x6'. I also brought a Bachmann Ten Wheeler. Scenery work around the bridge has started, it will a small creek under it. I cant make up my mind about wide the creek should be. A small ...
  3. Conrail fan's Question: What if??

    Here is a hypothetical question for CR fans.
    If Conrail was not broken up and CR had continued in business, which locomotive would have been bought next?
    Would it have been another EMD unit? Another SD-70 like the "M" version?

    Or would they have gone back to GE for perhaps a Dash 9? Or an Ac4400?

    I'd like to hear your opinion because I want a Conrail unit for my future that has not been done.

    Thank You.
  4. Quality of My Photography Goes Way Up

    I spent less than $15 and about two hours time to improve the quality of my photography tenfold. Following some common ideas found by a Google search for "Cheap Photography Lighting" I made a trip to Wally-World and picked up some black Duck brand tape, a 14x14 cardboard box, some white gift wrapping tissue, a white poster board, an 8" utility light, and a big round 'daylight' 60w bulb. The bulb and the lamp cost about $12, the rest of it was almost free.

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  5. Decaling 101- You can do it too

    by , 21st Jan 2012 at 07:31 PM (My Model RR Adventures)
    Ive always wanted to model my own railroad but.....This time Im back with a vengeance, My leasing company is named Pegasus Railcar Leasing the reporting mark is PRLX.

    I guess the first thing to do is to give your company an identity with a logo etc. My leasing company first started as SOTX then GRLX and finally as PRLX. I read up a lot and wanted to make my own decals which I thought you needed alchemy and toads wart to do.

    Its pretty easy actually all you need is clear ...

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