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  1. The Chicago (AC&Y) Layout Blog

    I'll give this a try---
    I've been lurking and occasionally posting for a little while here at, asked for and received some good advice along the way. I enjoy seeing what is happening with others as they work on layouts, models and such for their particular projects. Always something interesting going on here.

    I figure I'm down to the last few sections of track to lay, with MILES of wire yet to hang, and thought I would get something going to share on the layout I wanted ...
  2. Need decoder foR n scale Bachmann gp7

    Quote Originally Posted by Eusjim View Post
    Mine has no output. Just
    the lights work. Looking for low cost alternative versus Bachmann OEM part.
    'N' Scale Related
  3. Modeling a cement structure with, well, cement

    Here is a photo essay of how I am making my Tree Top juice plant. This is a cement structure in the prototype world and I decided the model would look best also made out of cement. Here are the photos of how I did it:

    Day 1: start with a clean mold

    Assemble the mold
  4. introduction of myself and my future modeling railroads

    hello my name is Dan and im from Idaho.

    i was given N scale while i still had a great deal of HO when i belonged to a club near me. that was well over 10 years ago now. now im currently working on plans to build my own 16' X 30'+ layout. it will have 2 shortlines that was ran by the same company after 1986ish. the shortest of the 2 is the New Meadows Branch that was laid in Wieser, ID back in the early 20th century by the Pacific & Idaho Northern. as the name implys it ran from ...
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  5. Someone try to convince me ...

    . . . that this forum isn't the best of its genre, regardless of scale or specific interest.

    We all get along pretty doggone well here. Any spats are more of a fraternal nature -- and soon forgotten (well, unless some joker, namely me, gets on his high horse about code 80 rail).

    Although I quit posting there almost a year ago, the forum linked to an online model railroading magazine has had remarkable run lately of rancorous or nearly-so topics regarding post contents, ...