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  1. Progress on the LJ

    So, I finished the water, the covered bridges, and the track is some sort of down! Progress, but not without it's drawbacks:

    The pond, creek and stream came out great. I've got severe bubble issues with the lake, and it looks as though I'll eventually have to rip it out and try again Got some good advice from the forums, but just too much damage. I guess that's part of the learning process.

    After I got the track down, I tested all the blocks individually. Had a ...
  2. Your show of shows...

    I have been to a lot of train shows over the course of my life, but none has ever approached the scope of the Amherst Railroad Society's annual show. Originally held as a sort of open house on the campus of UMASS Amherst, the thing took on a life of its own, growing from a one-room exhibition of hobbyists' creations to a massive, living, breathing organism which has taken over the halls of New England's largest exhibition center, the Eastern States Exposition facilities, know fondly as "The ...
  3. Seahawk 747

    I have a friend, who works out in Seattle at Boeing. They have been getting a 747 ready for the Seahawks football team. I have been sitting here watching the Flight Tracker over the skies of Washington state. It's pretty cool!

    Here is the link to the Flight Tracker. --->

    And here is the link to some cool facts on the plane. --->

    Just in case anyone ...
  4. Leaving the site

    I apparently made a post yesterday that hurt someone's feelings. It was in the Blackstone Valley thread and about DC vs DCC. I apologized for any offense and removed the post.
    After 8000+ posts I have been accused of "hurting someone's feelings"? In my 7 yrs on the forum I have never intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm not sure how the accuser knows how I hurt the OP's feelings?
    I also got called out for continuing the debate over DC vs DCC. I thought that is exactly ...
  5. Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays....

    I can't believe how long it's been since my last blog post. That's what getting sick and being broke all at the same time can do to you. I advise against it, though when I think of what some of the others on this site face in their day-to-day lives, I feel kinda whimpy for complaining. The doctors have decided I don't really need that surgery any time too soon, which I take as an indication that my medical insurance is inadequate, something else for me to investigate. On the other hand, my business ...