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  1. anyone in the SW Missoiri area

    Hi All,
    Looks like we are moving to Greenfield Missouri in the next month will know when for sure in the next week.
    If so I'll have a big shop were we can get together and set up modules. Would be great to have a monthly
    or Bi monthly meet and run trains. I'll also be setting up shop on the top floor and have a small hobby supply.
  2. Operations

    Ok, first off, engines...
    I have-
    4 MDC/Athearn 2-8-0s and need another 2
    1 MP 2-6-0
    1 Shapeways/Bachmann Boxcab diesel, need another 1
    That totals 9 engines. I'd like 10, tossup between a Bachmann 4-6-0 and an Alco HH600 (modified Atlas S2 diesel)

    Engines, #1, the oldest 2-8-0, saturated with an 'as built' boiler. Smokebox is short compared to the other 5 that have been reboilered. it also has a rear sand dome and narrow coal space on the tender to aid ...
  3. Devil's Gate Mining Co. -1

    I'm trying to get my ideas and 'direction' down before I forget what I'm trying to accomplish lol.
    After the demise of my Moss Lake Lumber Co. in HO, then N, I was out of the hobby for a while before trying again to do a switching layout. I selected a BNSF Chicago branchline and even had a GP38, MP15 and SW1500 (BN with a working rotary beacon no less!!). But I wasn't happy with it.
    My next venture was a steam railroad in the 1890s Colorado, originally planned to have 2 Climax geared ...
  4. Moving Blog Here (or Look Ma! No Helix!)

    It's been a long time since I updated my off-site blog, so I decided to move it here, where you can all nag me about it. Updated the signature file, and, to prevent moose prints on my face, here's a picture of the latest section of benchwork for the layout, under construction on my work bench.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spreading Benchwork.jpg 
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    The roadbed in the front is in about the right place. This end will be a riser 2-7/8" high, and dropping at 2.5% to 5/8" high on the far ...
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  5. Does anybody understand taxes on Ebay

    Ive decided to seriously thin the herd and only make future purchases with funds from what I can sell. Kinda keeping my hobby spending under control.

    Now there has been a ton of changes lately to taxes for internet sales and I frankly do not understand it.

    From what I can tell currently sellers are responsible to collect and pay tax.. This month that will change and for a fee ebay/paypal will collect and pay tax?

    Am I missing something? ...