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Anything related to prototype rail.

  1. introduction of myself and my future modeling railroads

    hello my name is Dan and im from Idaho.

    i was given N scale while i still had a great deal of HO when i belonged to a club near me. that was well over 10 years ago now. now im currently working on plans to build my own 16' X 30'+ layout. it will have 2 shortlines that was ran by the same company after 1986ish. the shortest of the 2 is the New Meadows Branch that was laid in Wieser, ID back in the early 20th century by the Pacific & Idaho Northern. as the name implys it ran from ...
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  2. P-Line Soo's Blog

    'Elo Kiddies!

    P-Line Soo, aka Mike Kohn, welcomes you to this little dusty, disheveled corner of cyberspace.

    Obviously my interests include N-Scale Model Railroading and the Soo Line, but there are a lot of other roads and interests that I'm into and up for discussing, so bring it on!

    Roads: I like a lot of fallen flag lines. I'll watch modern trains, but I'm not that interested in them as far as modeling. The Soo Line had a major yard in the town that ...
  3. Ideas from the Prototype #1 - Transloading Facility

    After chasing the TTI Railroad yesterday I decided to finally get back to an idea I've had for awhile, even when I was doing N scale, posting ideas from a prototype for those looking for inspiration for their layouts. In addition to posting photos and what knowledge I have about operations, I would also try to post a trackplan and let others post theirs in the thread.

    A transloading facility, such as the one operated by the TTI Railroad in Maysville,KY is used to move carloads of ...
  4. A Brief Description of My Layout

    Name: ATSF Paradigm Division
    Scale: N-scale
    Size: 154 x 24' 11
    Prototype: ATSF (freelanced prototype)
    Locale: Kansas City, eastern Kansas, & eastern Oklahoma
    Period: 1940s - 1950s transition era
    Layout Style: around the walls and center peninsula
    Aisles: minimum 36
    Benchwork: conventional grid and spline (helixes)
    Height: staging - 33, main level - 48, third level - 53
    Roadbed: 3/4 cabinet grade plywood and ...
  5. Planning Commission Begins Preliminary Engineering Study.

    I am about to undertake construction of a home layout made from Free-moN modules.

    My modeling subject is the Minnesota Commercial railway line from it's most northwestern end in Fridley, Minnesota, south to it's interchange with Canadian National in New Brighton, Minnesota.

    Here is where I plan to start:
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    The left-most industry is a transload and warehousing business.
    Middle industry I am not sure of yet, but ...
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