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  1. Suggestions/Ideas?

    I've thought about starting a series of blogs here where I photograph the prototype railroads and look at their operations, track plans and try to adapt it to N scale. There are plenty of things around here to photograph, and I will still post plenty in the prototype threads. We have plenty of stuff here in Kentucky and surrounding areas for me to look at, and I travel quite often when I go to races. I'm hoping the folks here will find the information useful for their own layouts, and perhaps even ...
  2. Spirit of Progress?

    The image is of the "Spirit of Progress", an interstate express pulled by a streamlined S class in the late 30's, and ran from Melbourne, through the border town of Albury (another story) and on to Sydney. And the same in reverse.
    Here down-under, theres a now retired (I think) radio announcer named Clive Robertson. Despite being pretty controversial, I liked him for his intelligence and quick wit.
    Robertson, being a Sydney-sider, when reading out the train arrival times, would ...

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  3. A Music Time Machine!

    A friend sent this to me and since we have a lot of music people here I thought it was worth sharing!

    Each of the years listed below links to the 20 top hits of that year. Pick a year and wait for for the Jukebox to show the 20 hits! Then select the ones you would like to hear!

  4. I've been danged busy but not with my trains.

    by , 19th Apr 2012 at 09:33 AM (69Z28's Blog - A collection of train and general entries)
    As I said I've been very very busy. I just returned from the Canary Islands where I attended the Second International Workshops on Nude Mice. Here are the topics covered in the two month series of workshops.

    Week one:
    We covered such topics as; 100 Years of British Rail Catering; Scurvy Past and Present; Fight Acne and Win; The Joy of Chickens.

    Week two:
    How to Waterproof your Child: Read the Braces Owners Manual: A guide to the care of and wearing of braces, ...
  5. House Keeping a layout?

    What is the best way to clean my layout? When using canned compressed air vehicles and n-scale cars go flying off the track! if I use my vacuum its like a tornado, sucking up anything in its path. iI am using a 30x60 layout, does anyone they make an accylic 'top' to keep a layout dust free?