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  1. Moose warning

    Saw this on one of my discord channels and thought I'd share...

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    Updated 24th Jan 2023 at 05:56 PM by Gary Rowan

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  2. Running two trains at the same time

    I finally got there. Two trains running together and not requiring any user intervention. The outer loop was easy, but the inner loop is two independent reverse loops tied together. To make this work without my activating turnouts, I used the DCCConcepts LM-iD to sense when a train is getting close to the turnout, which then toggles the Cobalt IP Digital which is the turnout point motor. This was the magic sauce. It works great too, and didn't take too long to wire up.

    I got the idea ...
  3. Lots of changes

    So, before the holidays, I took a lot of time to reconsider the layout. I was having a lot of trouble running trains and for the space, it felt very complicated. It's 4x8, but there were lots of ways for trains to go. I found it was hard to enjoy. So, I stepped back, redesigned it a bit, and ended up ripping up a lot of track and scenery. I'm still doing a LOT of work on scenery, and haven't gotten the reversing loops tested yet. But the outer loop works great now. I felt so good about it, I staged ...
  4. Micro Trains auto rack trucks

    I have a small fleet of Micro Trains auto racks and need some extra trucks for them. Could anyone advise what type of Micro Trains trucks are used in these? It seems they have some sort of Barber roller bearing truck with a coupler assembly that fits over the top of the truck and is held in place by four pins.

    Thanks in advance to everyone for your help!
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  5. Back up and running

    Well, sort of. I spent the last week cleaning track and fixing some wiring issues to make sure I could run this weekend, and I got an early Friday evening treat. Trains run normally, though some cleaning is still in the cards it seems. And it's only the outer loop right now, the inner loop still needs testing and some work. But it's fun, and reliable, and I'm pretty happy about the changes now. It looks good. Plus, you can see the caboose I wired up using the Model Train Tech caboose kit. It loos ...