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  1. Modeling a cement structure with, well, cement

    Here is a photo essay of how I am making my Tree Top juice plant. This is a cement structure in the prototype world and I decided the model would look best also made out of cement. Here are the photos of how I did it:

    Day 1: start with a clean mold

    Assemble the mold
  2. introduction of myself and my future modeling railroads

    hello my name is Dan and im from Idaho.

    i was given N scale while i still had a great deal of HO when i belonged to a club near me. that was well over 10 years ago now. now im currently working on plans to build my own 16' X 30'+ layout. it will have 2 shortlines that was ran by the same company after 1986ish. the shortest of the 2 is the New Meadows Branch that was laid in Wieser, ID back in the early 20th century by the Pacific & Idaho Northern. as the name implys it ran from ...
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  3. Someone try to convince me ...

    . . . that this forum isn't the best of its genre, regardless of scale or specific interest.

    We all get along pretty doggone well here. Any spats are more of a fraternal nature -- and soon forgotten (well, unless some joker, namely me, gets on his high horse about code 80 rail).

    Although I quit posting there almost a year ago, the forum linked to an online model railroading magazine has had remarkable run lately of rancorous or nearly-so topics regarding post contents, ...
  4. What are your other interests?

    Aside from this hobby of ours, what other interests do you guys have?
  5. It's been a LONG hard Year

    Hey Gang... Remember me??!!
    Well it's been a CRAZY Year:

    Here is where we left off with my build.
    I had been making some really good progress with things if you were following my thread:
    (See Sig Line Below)
    Then Life happened.
    I lost an AC unit last summer, and that effectively killed every spare dollar I had to spend on the layout. It took a couple months to recover from that Then life the wife had some health issues that forced me to put everything on hold ...
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