• Scrubbing Pad Conifer

    Here is a picture of the first and right now only conifer. I did it last night and finished it today. They are easy to make. The method is based on a video by Joe Fugate and on the book N Scale Railroad That Grows. It was the book that I got the idea from. I tried spun conifers but failed miserably - even after repeatedly watching the Fugate video and MC's great tutorial on centrifugal trees.
    So here it is:
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    1. Charwill50's Avatar
      Charwill50 -
      I find if you pull the pad apart into thinner layers and cut into "rough" circles, the appearance is much better. lightly spread the fibers and clip into the circles.Then spray w/ generic hairspray and sprinkle w/ground foam. Happy tree making!
    1. epumph's Avatar
      epumph -
      yes, in the tutorial I believe that I suggest pulling the pads to thin them.
      in fact I should have a sequel to this shortly where I actually tear the pads apart and used the thinned pads and some other tricks to get more realism.
    1. Paul's Avatar
      Paul -
      I really look forward to this tutorial! This is quite an interesting approach to making conifers.
    1. epumph's Avatar
      epumph -
      the tutorial as it where is found here:
      page down to post #11...
    1. epumph's Avatar
      epumph -
      Added the new/improved version today at the same link as above. Have a look see...