• Installing Track Feed Wires

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    Although soldering track feeders to the outside of the rail is perfectly acceptable, I personally do not like this look. This toutorial is directed more to the newcomers who may be a bit intimidated with this necessary proceedure. With code 55 track I have noticed how easy it is to melt the ties when soldering to the rail. This method I will show, pretty much elimenates this shortcoming. In the first shot see how you will cut thru 2 ties on the inside edge of the rail. Cut all the way thru to the table. Stagger the cut on the opposite rail as seen in #2. Flip the track over and remove the two outer pieces of these ties. After repositioning the track, mark a spot on the outside tight against the rail directly between the two ties that were cut. Follow this last step closely. Next, drill the holes for the feeder wire. These need only be slightly larger than the wire.
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      For the curious, why can't I see the rest of the article?

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      Thanks, but I only see part of an article?
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      Great idea now can you link us to the remainder of this article please.
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      Here is the original thread:

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      Thanks for taking the time to share.
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      Excellent way of hiding feeders. Thanks for tutorial.