• Dayton Train Show

    Another Dayton Train Show has past, this is my first time here with Dayton N-Track.. What a hoot!!!!

    WP&P was kind enough to bring his module to join in the fun.. We also had a few members from the Burning River club..

    Here's a video..

    The President Train

    A few photos
    WP&P's Module
    Attachment 37369

    A banner my wife made on her sewing machine..
    Attachment 37370

    War Bird Airport
    Attachment 37371

    Train Station
    Attachment 37372 Attachment 37373 Attachment 37374 Attachment 37375

    I had a lot of fun and bought a few things that I REALLY needed (In case my wife is looking)..

    I got a P-40 on a flatcar..
    Attachment 37376

    A nice book from the B&O Historical Society "Cabooses of the B&O".. Plus a few odds and ends..

    I had a great time!!!!
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    1. Jugtown Modeler's Avatar
      Jugtown Modeler -
      Some creative modules there. I did not know you could stretch module rules like that. Nice to know... if I ever find time to join N trak.
      Thanks for posting.
    1. YellowBeard's Avatar
      YellowBeard -
      I LOVE seeing pics of the airport!!
    1. rwilson's Avatar
      rwilson -
      I really like seeing other club modules. It gives me so many ideas. thanks for sharing.
    1. spam1234's Avatar
      spam1234 -
      Thanx Jazzbass01 cool moduals the passenger station is cool next year at Trainfest? Is that guy from your neck of the woods? Jay
    1. Jazzbass01's Avatar
      Jazzbass01 -
      Hi Jay - Yes they are members of our club, I doubt they will be going to Trainfest though.. They have somrthing like 5 miles of 1:12 track and ride their trains quite a bit.. I've been invited out to see the set up, I may have to do that. LOL
    1. epumph's Avatar
      epumph -
      I love it - soo which one is YOU?
    1. Lemland's Avatar
      Lemland -
      Nice layouts, thanks for posting!

    1. Jazzbass01's Avatar
      Jazzbass01 -
      Err Gene, I'm the one taking the photos. LOL
    1. spam1234's Avatar
      spam1234 -
      Go for it! I`ve broaden my horisons by meeting and operating on an Ho layout. He needs 35 or upto 40 opeates or has some of the layout idle biggest layout I`ve ever seen in a private house. If they let you operate one pick a diesel no shoveling lol Jay
    1. Junelopez's Avatar
      Junelopez -
      The train station looks like 30 St. Station in Philadelphia
    1. Nattapon's Avatar
      Nattapon -
      Very nice layout.
    1. Bob LeMond's Avatar
      Bob LeMond -
      Thanks for posting the pictures. It is always good to see what others have done.