• Street Lights on Poles

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    Photo 1 is a tool that I use to test and determine the polarity of an led. The 9 volt battery has a 470 ohm resistor in the red lead under the shrink wrap tubing that limits the current preventing a burn out. This works on all LEDs. There are a couple of pices of .060 tubing soldered on the ends of the leads making it easier to to insert LED leads.

    Photo 2 is all the pieces I used to construct the street light. .060 brass tube for the power pole, .004 magnet wire from an O scale switch machine, The black strip is the way SMD LEDs are packaged. There's 8 in there. The short .030 silver wires are going to become the pole on which the light is mounted. The piece of white insulation laying on the blue tape was left after stripping the .030 wire from within.

    Photo 3 shows two holes in the power pole. The small one is .030 and will recieve the pole with the light. I cut about a foot of magnet wire and ran it down the enlarged hole till it came out the other end.

    Photo 4 put some tape on your work surface sticky side up. This is the only way you can keep the LED under control. After tinning the small .030 wire solder it to the LED. First, light up the led and determine which pad is - (Neg.). Then I soldered the magnet wire onto the + (Pos) pad. It's easier to install a bunch of street lights to the bus if they are all wired the same way. Don't try to scrape the enamel insulation off the magnet wire, just heat it up with some solder and it will melt away leaving a tinned surface to work with. This was my very first experience working with SMD LEDs and trust me, it's not as difficult as you think if you use tape to hold everything in place. Test your work with the battery tool at every step to insure there is no short circuit.
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